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Monday, 2 February 2015

Lusting after Leigh's

I use to be obsessed with Jamie jeans but now all I can do is lust after Leigh's. What did I do without these in my life? I couldn't imagine squeezing into anything else ever again, now my Jamie's stay in the wardrobe until I really need them and my Leigh's get worn constantly!


I really like green and black at the moment, I wore my black Topshop Leigh jeans with a Topshop green top from autumn/winter 13. My leather jacket is from River Island a few years back but I think worn with my purple lipstick it really vamps up an outfit. My necklace is Accessorize spring/summer 14 and my shoes Belissimo from autumn/winter 13 I really love slipper style pumps and I think the sparkle on these takes an outfit from day to evening.

I thought I need another pair or 5 but lets start with adding one more to the collection for now and more when I go on my next shopping trip. My black Leigh's are a 28W 30L when trying on new ones I found different colours fitted differently, I ended up with a 30W 28L in petite ankle grazer. Being very short the 28L actually does graze my ankle which makes a change.

Link for Topshop Leigh's. 

Amy xx

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Gel nail polish

Hello :) after having a break from my blog due to live being very busy over the past few months today I thought I really miss it!! So I'm going to try and find the time to start blogging again. I thought I would start with a post more related to my job! I hope you like xx

I am a Hairdresser and nail technician by trade so I thought I would share one of favourite products with you.... Gel nail polish. I used Nubar Gelicure and IBD just gel on my nail bar, it comes in a huge amount of colours, it can be used for nail art and I also add glitters, gems and lots more to mine.

If you've ever been curious about the 4 week manicure that seems to have taken the world by storm over the last few years it really is worth giving it a go. I find it lasts anywhere between 2-6 weeks on my clients depending on what job they do and how well they take care of there nails, they must be treated as jewels not tools. It can last up to 3 months on toes depending on the rate of growth and very rarely chips.

I love nail polish and use to have to paint mine every other day being a hair dresser and having my hands in water normal polish never lasted. When I first discovered this product I fell in love with it straight away. My nails are stronger, longer and I only have to do them every 2-3 weeks, yay! When used correctly it wont weaken or damage your nails and is easy to remove.

There's lots of companies out there that make gel polish but Nubar and IBD are my favourite. Nubar products are available in England for professionals through a company called Palms Extra, there a lovely company with excellent customer service, they really take care of there clients.

If you haven't all ready I would definitely give Gel polish a go!

Amy xx

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